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Muslim leaders urge census participation

March 21, 2010 9:53 PM|No Comments By some counts, there are about 600,000 Muslim and Arab-Americans living in greater Chicago. Other estimates put the number closer to 250,000.
No one knows for sure, which is why Muslim leaders today encouraged their community to participate in the 2010 census, so they can have an official count.
"If we keep isolated, no one will know about us," said Yousif Marei, president of the Islamic and Arab Community Service Office in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood. "It is time for us to let them know who we are." Muslim and Arab leaders have had to quell concerns within the community that personal information relayed on the census may be used to track people as part of anti-terrorism measures.

Ethiopian Airlines 'Interested' in Report of Bomb Aboard Crashed Jet

(VOA News) Ethiopian Airlines officials are closely following a report that a captured terrorism suspect has told of a bomb aboard a plane that crashed off the coast of Lebanon in January. Investigators have not determined the cause more than two months after the crash.
A report on a U.S. Internet Web site says British intelligence agents have reopened their investigation into the mysterious crash of an Ethiopian Airlines jet January 25. The Boeing 737 plunged into the Mediterranean Sea minutes after takeoff from Beirut airport, killing all 90 people aboard.

Double suicide bombings kill 37 on Moscow subway

MOSCOW – Two female suicide bombers blew themselves up Monday in twin attacks on Moscow subway stations jam-packed with rush-hour passengers, killing at least 37 people and wounding 65, officials said. They blamed the carnage on rebels from the Caucasus region.
The blasts come six years after Caucasus Islamic separatists carried out a pair of deadly Moscow subway strikes and raise concerns that the war has once again come to Russia's capital, amid militants' warnings of a renewed determination to push their fight.

Muslim attack injures 23 Coptic Christians

(ChristianToday) Twenty-three Coptic Christians were injured by Muslim extremists Friday after an attack on a church community centre, said an Egyptian bishop.

The attack occurred after a sermon by a radical sheikh and lasted 10 hours before security forces put a stop to it, said Bishop Bejemy to The Associated Press on Saturday. The group of young Muslim men threw firebombs at the Coptic center and at nearby homes in Marsa Matruh, a seaport city in northern Egypt.

The Clash of Christianity and Islam: Spiritual Life in God

By Chuck Colson – In the earlt March, more than 500 Christians in Jos, Nigeria were killed by what the New York Times called "rampaging Muslim herdsmen." 
The killings were only the latest outbreak of violence in Nigeria’s Plateau State, which sits on the dividing line between the country’s mainly Christian south and Muslim north.